Finance Director and Treasurer - Jodell Benson

Financial Director

A Municipal Finance Director is responsible for accurately maintaining the financial records of the Town. Under the direction of the Town Manager, the Municipal Financial Director is tasked with a wide variety of activities to support the fiscal well-being of the Town.

The Municipal Financial Director assists in a variety of financial projects and activities. Specific responsibilities vary, but they often include financial audit and analysis, creating budgets, organizing financial committees, processing invoices, monitoring accounts receivable and reporting. Duties sometimes include participating in special projects and grant proposals.


The Treasurer receives all funds paid to the town and disburses all funds for payroll and accounts payables and maintains the Town’s financial records in accordance with generally accept accounting principles.

  • The Treasurer is responsible for managing the Town finances which includes: Receiving tax and other payments, deposits, bank accounts, investments, and banking relationships
  • Disbursement of funds and preparation of payroll and accounts payable warrants for the Board of Selectmen Processing and managing accounts receivable
  • Reconciliation of bank statements with oversight of the Town Manager Accounting and both internal and external financial reporting 
  • Debt issuance and debt management Oversight of the budget Working with the Town auditor and the issuance of annual audited financial statements.